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Friday, July 22, 2011

My layer cake....

I originally was going to make the rainbow cake, but I soon realized that I did not have any red food coloring. The would really hurt my rainbow colors seeing as I have no red, orange, or finally purple. Soooo....instead I improvised and created my own version. I think I like my version better! I must say, I am quite proud of this cake. It was one of my easiest cakes that I have ever made. Steps? Simple!:

1. Pillsbury white cake batter mix. Follow directions on the box.

2. Divide batter equally into four bowls.

3. Decide which colors you want your cake to be and apply food coloring liberally into each bowl.

4. Pour batter into designated cake pan. Bake.

5. Take out of oven, allow time to cool.

6. Once all layers are cooled, stake with frosting in the middle.

7. Ice entire cake. EAT!

Will you try to make one of these?


Angie said...

WOW! Love it! I'm making a birthday cake next sunday.. or cupcakes still don't know but If I DO I will do similar to yours!! THanks for SHARING! :)

Hee103 said...

I love the color combination!!

Peace, Love and Roses said...

Love the color combination! Cupcakes would be so cute!

knitblitz said...

Love it! It's so pretty!

I bake and love colorful things. Might give this one a go.

knitblitz said...

Love it! Might have to give it a go!

Celio Designs said...

I'm a crafter that found you on Etsy. Showing you some love and following your blog and twitter! I have a new blog too, check it out at!/CelioDesigns

P.S. Your cakes look DELICIOUS!

Distinct Designs by Amy said...

New follower. OMG. That cake looks delicious.


Eva Kuklica said...

Looks delish!!!