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Friday, July 22, 2011

My layer cake....

I originally was going to make the rainbow cake, but I soon realized that I did not have any red food coloring. The would really hurt my rainbow colors seeing as I have no red, orange, or finally purple. Soooo....instead I improvised and created my own version. I think I like my version better! I must say, I am quite proud of this cake. It was one of my easiest cakes that I have ever made. Steps? Simple!:

1. Pillsbury white cake batter mix. Follow directions on the box.

2. Divide batter equally into four bowls.

3. Decide which colors you want your cake to be and apply food coloring liberally into each bowl.

4. Pour batter into designated cake pan. Bake.

5. Take out of oven, allow time to cool.

6. Once all layers are cooled, stake with frosting in the middle.

7. Ice entire cake. EAT!

Will you try to make one of these?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Featured in a treasury...

I was featured in a really awesome treasury!  I love this idea of "Women in Art".  Thanks for the feature!  You can find this treasury here: Women in Art Treasury

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Impossible nest....

Yes.  There is 19 days until my due date.  I am currently in "nesting" mode.  Eighty percent of my new apartment is nested.  I am ready for my little man to come into my home.  There is one exception craft/storage/pantry closet.  It is a big closet, but maybe that is the problem.  I'm sure in comparison to a "hoarder" my closet looks amazing, but I am a bit of an organizing freak.  This closet scares me.  The semi-lack of labels, the non-color coordinated storage bins, and the different sized items randomly stacked.  Will this project be complete by the time my little man is born?  I hope.  How do you tackle clutter?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rainbow Cake...

GOD! I really want to make one of these. I need an occasion though....I could always just make up an occasion. Happy Wednesday? Happy 93 degree day? Happy July 18th? I think this will be next on to-bake list.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More bunting....

Okay....I know I wrote about the bunting craze in my last post, but because I could not get it out of my head, I created a Treasury of bunting. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Okay. I know it has been a year since my store was active on Etsy, but in this last year I feel as if bunting became extremely popular. Did I miss something? Was it featured in a magazine/TV show/website somewhere that revolutionized the Etsy world? Don't get me wrong....I'm not criticizing. I'm weirdly attracted to all of the bunting as well. With the exception of a party, I'm not sure where I would actually use it though. If I lived in that imaginary vintage New York City loft with antique furniture, I'm sure it would look fabulous there. But in my IKEA Florida apartment, I'm not sure if it is a fit.

So in honor of the bunting trend, I've created my own bunting painting....Florida/Nautical style. Now available on my Etsy shop:

What do you think of the bunting trend?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Two new...

Works of art were created today. Amongst the 9 month pregnancy fog and sleepiness, I was able to create two new collages that are available on my Etsy shop. What do you think?