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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Okay. I know it has been a year since my store was active on Etsy, but in this last year I feel as if bunting became extremely popular. Did I miss something? Was it featured in a magazine/TV show/website somewhere that revolutionized the Etsy world? Don't get me wrong....I'm not criticizing. I'm weirdly attracted to all of the bunting as well. With the exception of a party, I'm not sure where I would actually use it though. If I lived in that imaginary vintage New York City loft with antique furniture, I'm sure it would look fabulous there. But in my IKEA Florida apartment, I'm not sure if it is a fit.

So in honor of the bunting trend, I've created my own bunting painting....Florida/Nautical style. Now available on my Etsy shop:

What do you think of the bunting trend?

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