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Saturday, July 9, 2011


It's been a while since I've made waffles. When I say a while, I mean about 3 years? I've held onto my Hello Kitty Waffle Maker for years because I always thought it would be great for when I have a daughter. Since I'm having a son instead, I figured I'd better get my use out of it! So instead of my favorite, pancakes, I made waffles. What I love about the Hello Kitty waffle maker is that it pops out waffles in the shapes of Hello Kitty. It also deals out the perfect meal sized plate. Wonderful!


Hee103 said...

That is the cutest waffle maker I've ever seen!!

Elizabeth Miron Studios said...

I love it! It is really easy to use and I think it cost about $30 at Target. They usually sell all of their Hello Kitty themed appliances around Christmas.

Angie said...

ohh I love Hello Kitty.. Love it!

I just stopped by from Etsy team..and i just followed you..

here is my blog and Etsy shop!


Anonymous said...

This is just adorable. I love Hello Kitty ANYTHING and I love waffles! The perfect combination!