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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Antoinett's Cupcakes....

There is something about Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" that stirs up a really happy/warm feeling. I'm not sure if it's the colors, the images, or the music. It is probably a combination of all three. Every time I watch the movie I always want to wear something pastel and eat something delightfully indulgent. Since I am no French pastry chef, I usually just end up creating cupcakes. Are my cupcakes home made? Absolutely not. Pillsbury Funfetti mix and vanilla frosting.

My least favorite part about making cupcakes is filling in the pan with the batter. For some reason, this batter came out a little more thick that usual. After watching shows like "Cupcake Wars", "Cupcake Girls", and "DC Cupcakes", you tend to feel really incompetent when only filling up 12 cupcake spots and it takes you 40 minutes....but I digress. Next is to make the frosting. When I say "make" I mean scoop it out of a pre-bought jar and simply add food coloring to my taste. This is where Marie Antoinette plays a factor. For those of you that have seen the movie, you know of all the pastel colors. Of course my cupcakes had to reflect my influences.

The results? After a little more pastel sprinkles, yummy vanilla cupcakes which won't last more that two days in my house. Especially being 9 months pregnant!

What are your favorite homemade indulgences?

1 comment:

Hee103 said...

I love that movie too!!
It is artistically well made.

Your cupcakes are so cute and colorful just like the movie!!!
Well done.

FYI, my favorite homemade indulgences is cheesecake which my friends always give me compliments:>